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what kind of antenna do i need for tv tuner?

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right now im stuck getting strictly over-the-air transmissions (we got at&t tv, no unscrambling it via splitter as far as i know) and my old bunnyears just dont pick up alot of channels, lol. im assuming i need an amplified one, can you guys recommend any?
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Um, for your PC? Why don't you just split the output from the AT&T STB to the PC and use an IR blaster to change the channels?
i honestly did not understand almost any of that. stb? IR blaster?

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i honestly did not understand almost any of that. stb? IR blaster?

STB = Set Top Box. In other words, the cable/satellite box that is connected to your TV.

IR Blaster = a device that allows your PC to send IR commands, this way when you change the channel on the PC it can change it on the STB to match.
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If you buy an antenna I would suggest buying from a local store, so you can easily take it back when you find out it doesn't work. If you are buying an indoor antenna I would try the omnidirectional ones first and only.
www.antennaweb.org is nice site to give you an idea of what outdoor antenna you would need.
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