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What type of content would you like to see on the OCN YouTube Channel?

  • Livestream Builds

    Votes: 11 33.3%
  • POD Cast Interviews

    Votes: 17 51.5%
  • OCN Q&A

    Votes: 15 45.5%
  • How to videos

    Votes: 27 81.8%
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Question: Should OCN not review the 2700X just because all the other TechTubers already have? The answer is: That shouldn't stop them from reviewing the 2700X. The same goes for any other topic. Growing the OCN channel will grow the user base here.

People will watch something they like, even though they've seen it on other channels already. I love build videos, despite having seen a thousand already. And despite the fact that they mostly use hard tubing and I will never use hard tubing in my own builds.
That's a fair assessment, agreed.

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So, more WC, more teardowns, possible interviews/livestream. I will see about doing some special projects that involves exotic cooling.

Thanks everyone!
Just a note not a lot of people use test benches mostly because they take up more space than a conventional computer does
So doing exotic cooling is good make sure you try to use some real computer cases so you might get a larger audiences attention :)

That would also apply to painting a computer case.... ;)

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YouTube Videos

You can grow from a niche channel to a wider viewership by having some of the common how to videos (ALA Linus Tech Tips). More IN DEPTH advanced videos on overclocking particular processors, chipset series, and building cooling solutions are not being found out there that I am aware of. If you took a comprehensive treatment of a topic and broke it down into a SERIES published in 10-12-15 minute parts you would have more hits from casual tech viewers and enthusiasts who may not initially be committed to clicking on an hour or longer video. This would really build your niche segment and distinguish your channel from all the me too "tech channels". I am interested in such advanced information.
21 - 27 of 27 Posts