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What kind of safe overclock can I get with the 4850?

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I just got my DuOrb today and installed it.

I have it overclocked to 700/1100 atm with CCC. But I can't go over 700 GPU Clock

My temps are 35-36 idle and 59-60 underload with the overclock.
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I've got a 700/1120 OC... never mind my sig. As soon as I update my sig, the OC will not be stable... hence not updating it.

700/1100 is a good OC with stock volts. With Rivatuner, you can probably hit higher than 700 core...
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I can do 730 for benching with 1090 on the mem.
Oh ok, so 700/1100 is a pretty good overclock?

I plan on keeping it at that all the time, is that ok?

How can I make CCC load those settings everytime I turn on my computer?
I'm at 710/1100 at the moment and reach around 58 C at load. Around those speeds are the limit for the 4850 until you raise the voltage for the card through overdrive or through a volt mod.
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