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What Lian Li / Lan cool case should I get for my friend?

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Yet another new case thread. My friend has decided to build a PC and he wants a Lian Li / Lancool Case. What should he get?

He wants the best case he can get for under 160 CAD.
He shops at NCIX primarily but it willing to use newegg.ca

Let the recommendations begin!
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i like the pc-7f for mid-tower. has a lot of similarities with the cm 690. what is your friend looking for in a case?
He likes black inside. He said he kind of like the qualities of the K62 but was not sure.
I would suggest the K-62, various sites, including TPU review it, and found it an overall good case. Another option is the K-58
K-62 all the way unless he's into aluminum.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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