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(un)Official PC Magazine thread.

This is a place for members to discuss what computing magazines they read. They can cover any topic to do with computers. I mean, we all like to sit gazing in our monitors for hours, but I like to sometimes read things on paper to get a better understanding of them and relieve my eyes.

Please keep 'fanboyism' out this thread e.g. win vs linux, amd vs intel..

I like to read; Micro Mart, Web user and Linux Format magazine. Through these I have learned a heck of a lot, including receiving my first Linux distro ever on the front of the magazine. MM is good for people who are interested in components, and it doesn't go into huge detail :- which is nice. It doesn't go completely over your head and if you want to know more you look on the net. WebUser is more website orientated, the best sites, ways to increase internet speed etc.

So, what, magazines do You like to read?

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Hmm I actually prefer to read magazines like Dwell, Mother Earth News or Grit instead of computer mags simply to relax and go for some non-tech stuff but occasionally I'll flip through Maximum PC or 2600 while in a bookstore.
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