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Because at the time I could not find a regular 655 I went with a version offered by Koolance. Koolance calls it a 450 "high flow pump" it is also variable speed. The little bugger cost me 102.00 delivered (3 day shiping),now my question,specs show almost twice the head 5.8 vrs 3.1 compared to the $66.00 655 so I wonder what internal mods are done as the pump on the outside looks exactly like a 655.

The first 655 from Sidewinder failed after 20 min. and I used the exact same techniques bringing this pump online and all is well so I just don't think the 655 failure was induced by me.Time to work up a overclock and see how well this Koolance 360 cpu block does with an i7 and my goal of a 4.05 overclock.A very nice way to spend a Friday night (wish I had a date

I am idling at 38 with a bit (2c) of variance between cores. Ambient is every bit of 83F. CPU is initaly at .93vcore,lots of room to work with perhaps.

EDIT: Just got an email from Swiftech,they did RMA my 655 that died in 20 min,I guess they beleived me that I did not rookie out when I brought the pump online.
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