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What Monitor should I buy?

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Sorry wasn't sure which thread to post this in. Its currently black friday over at Newegg and I am in the market for a new monitor (cheap >.>) Out of these 3 links below, which do you guys believe will give me the best picture? I have a ATI HD 5770 as my video card. None of the 3 monitors have a HDMI connection but I was told DVI-D can do the same exact HD quality that HDMI is specificly made for. Need a few responses quickly please before sold out / sales over! Thanks ton.

Asus $90

Acer $80

LG $120

Hanns-G $160

Big edit: After the response below I searched for another HDMI input monitor on sale, so between these two below which would be better? The Acer says its a saving of $70 while the Hanns-G is only a saving of $50. I heard Acer is pretty good for monitors tho, so any opinons on these two? I left the other 3 monitors I was looking at that had no VGA above just incase someone has a non HDMI better response *shrug*

Hanns-G $160

Acer $150
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Well, you're right that this is in the wrong forum. It belongs in Monitors and Displays which is a bit further down on the main page.

But never fear: I reported this thread so that it gets moved. When it gets moved, we won't even notice it unless we're paying really close attention.
Since you have a HDMI connection you'd want HD. The LG W2230S would've been perfect, but 1080p through VGA input is a no go. You should get the Hanns·G HH-241HPB, good resolution (1080p) and HDMI. A good all around monitor.
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Thanks for that peace Cyberbot, I updated my main post to compare to HDMI compatible monitors.
None of these monitors seem bad, although I'd get the ASUS. It is very cheap and is good quality.
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