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I was hoping you guys could advise me on parts which I can use to downsize PC due to moving out of my house where I live with my parents to a place where I am renting. What I want to do is go from a Full ATX, to a Mini or Micro ATX machine. This is purely so that it is easy for me to move around put into the boot of my car easily, I can't live easily without my computer.

So my current build is as follows:

i7 2600k DO (Keep)
EX58-UDR3 Rev 1.6 1366 Socket (Replace)
G Skill 6GB 1333 MHz Triple Channel (Prefer to Keep will accept having to replace)
H100i Corsair Watercooling (Keep)
Gentle Typhoon Scythe Fans (I have about 6 of these only installed 3)
USB Extender PCI (If space available keep)
Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Champion Series Sound Card w/ I/O PCI-E (Keep)
AverMedia HDMI Capture Card (PCI-E)
Enermax PSU (Not Sure)
OCZ Vertex 3 120GB HDD (Would like to upgrade if possible)
x2 2TB HDD (Thinking of upgrading to x2 6GB HDD)
Cases Cosmos S2 (Release latch broken on frame of chassis), P183 (don't really like it)
SD card reader in a CD drive bay

What I would love to do is install my setup into something similar to a Corsair 250D, but no room for a DVD drive, I/O drive for sound card and my memory card reader I/O. I could probably loose the memory card reader. Hmmm I've just read there is one external 5'25 bay for a DVD drive maybe.

I been looking at this case Corsair CC-9011061-WW 380T which is abit to extreme perforated for my liking its more susceptible to damage.

What do you suggest. I been looking at these http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=100007583%20600545970&IsNodeId=1&name=Mini-ITX&Pagesize=90 but none seem to have atleast two 5"25 bays.

What do you guys suggest. I think there maybe a need to just use the one I/O unit which would be the DVD drive.

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I would suggest you look into a node 804 if you want a small matx case with very good air/water cooling capabilities. you'll be able to fit your corsair 100 and load it up on fans if you want. the case is a cube design which is compartmentalized between the psu and the mobo side to keep things neat and cool.

downside is you need a slot load if you want an optical drive.
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