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what paint to use? or no paint?

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hi guys,

i'm currently considering putting some vram heatsinks on my asus 580 dc2 card. i haven't heard from anyone who has suffered vram problems with my card, but just looking at a naked vram somewhat worries me a little...

the story is i bought some aluminium vram heatsinks from arctic cooling, they're made of aluminium with no finishing paint.

now, my gpu pcb is black, so i kinda want to paint the heatsinks black as well, but i have no experience or knowledge in this whatsoever, so i would like to ask for your advice.

basically, what i want to know specifically is do i need some heat resistant paint or just normal paint will do? reason for asking is that i know the vram gets pretty toasty underload...

or, should i just leave the aluminium heatsinks as they are and forget about the colour?

thanks in advance!
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