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What phone do you recommend?

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Things i do with my phone.
-listen to music
-take pictures

price range around 300-350
i have tmobile

need something that isn't laggy(couple of seconds to load a text.)
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I would say the g1 just because its what I. Have and I love it. I would try a few in the store and see what you like

is an amazing phone, it does everything you want.

plus its cheap to have internet. It was cheaper per month over my blackberry pearl with 300minutes/unlimited text.
if you text alot i would actualy not get a qwerty keyboard, nor a touch screen. both are manageable and fun but ive had experience with both and i still love the basic t9 stuff
so can you guys list some phones that you would recommend?
Nokia N82.. can find more info @ www.gsmarena.com and can be purchased unlocked from www.plemix.com for about 350$ comes with a 2GB mem card. For pictures/pirce is one of the best phones you can pick up. Has a 5MP camera and a xenon flash. The N79 which is basically it's newer version has the same camera, but only has the dual LED flash, but it has a built in FM transmitter.

+ it's made by HTC
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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