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What power supply for the 7950GT AGP

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My friend is too scared to register and ask this question so ill ask for him. He would like to know how big of a power supply he will need to run a single 7950GT (AGP)....
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He has a emachine computer with all stock including power supply. He says that it is currently a 300 watt. He would like to know what type of graphics card (AGP) he can run with a 300 watt....
7600GT should do alright on a 300 watt powersupply. What are the rest of his components?
Yeah, I wouldn't go much higher than a 7600, due to the fact of power contraints and I wouldn't want to put something as nice as 7950GT in an emachine.

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450watt with at least 20amps +12v rail.
Make him register, we wanna see benchies.
yeah i second his advice
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