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What should I do with my 22" Acer 1680 x 1050?

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I bought a 23in 1080p acer (I gotta say, acer makes a pretty solid monitor) , and I use a dell 13" 1024x768 as a second monitor while my third is a 1080p 42" LCD. I like the smaller monitor because of it's refresh rate and watching 4:3 videos.

Any real use for my 22" Acer? I'm going to build a comp for my brother with it but until then I was wondering if I could get any use out of it.
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give it to me?
Use it for that other rig, or sell it. Or just replace the 13" and get used to it.
For 1 you could hook it up to your PC. What kind of use are you thinking about? It's a monitor for God's sake.
Replace the 13" and use it for more than videos.

Eg. I have MSN in my 19" and Firefox in my 22" 1080p monitor right now.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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