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What should I do with this fan?

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Ok so a while back i bought 2 Cooler Master Fans from newegg. these fans are blue LED 69CFM fans and i bought them for the high air flow. i would have kept both in my case as they work well, but one of the fans came with mismatched LEDs.

The good fan has all darker blue LEDs, while the other fan has 1 LED that is the same as the other fans LEDs, and the other 3 are a lighter shade.

In other words, even though its functional it just doesn't look good.
Should i see if Cooler master will RMA the fan or what? i think it may already be to late for that as i bought them like 2-3 months ago.......
help me out here OCN.

Will post some pics if you like.....
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Or replace the LEDs, its usually pretty easy depending on the fan. Sometimes the fan chassis is real thin and its hard to replace them without wrecking it.
that's a nice idea, but for one it isn't that powerful.
as far as replacing the LEDs i would have to figure out what color temperature the right LEDs are and then void my warranty trying to pry the current ones out and install the new ones. i registered the fan on CM and i still have plenty of warranty left so i think i might try to RMA it depending on how much that will cost me......
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