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What size compression fittings for 7/16" tubing

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Just like the title, what size compression fittings should I use for 7/16" ID tubing.
Brand is masterkleer in case that makes a difference.
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This is what I'm using for mine.

Er, well.... GOING to use.
those aint compression fittings. i know what clamps are, I got some, but I wanna maybe get compression fittings because they look so much more slick.
if you dont already have the tubing, i'd get 3/8" compression fittings instead, with 3/8" tubing of course... a little cheaper, flows just great, and looks really clean. it's what i use.
Ironically you can use 3/4" compression fittings with 7/16 11/16 tubing.
Why don't you just buy 7/16 compression fittings?
the point of getting 7/16" tubing is so that you can put it over 1/2" barbs for a tighter fit. I tried to leave a couple 1/2" compression fittings in my loop when I changed to 7/16" tubing, and the compression ring doesn't bind to the tubing. Either use barbs, or use 1/2" tubing with comp fittings. Good luck
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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