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What sort of temperature increases would a 0.06v increase cause?

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I've been considering modding my current BIOS and flashing it to my XFX GTX260, at first I just wanted to modify the clocks and the default fan speed, but in the guide I have, it is also talking about the ability to change the default voltage.

Now, since more voltage means more heat, I'd be curious to know how much more heat we're talking about when we're talking about a 1.12v -> 1.18v change. Will it be so hot that I will need an aftermarket cooler, or will it just be a little hotter?
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I noticed about a 5C difference in temps when I had my GTX260.
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Brilliant. I guess if it is too hot, I can always put it back down again and reflash.

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But do not count me accurate. I never had a volt meter to check and make sure it was at 1.18.
Well, I can still turn it down if it is too high.

Also, how did you flash it? I just tried to boot into a FreeDOS kernel, but it gets hung at ROOT FAT KERNEL GO!

What method did you use to flash it?
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