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what speakers? for xonar STX/360

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I have a asus xonar essence STX and I want to get a 2.1 set for movies and what not so I can watch from my couch. but it has the red and white component inputs so would I get a standard set of speakers that you can hook up to a TV?

I was going to get the Z2300's from logitech but I dono if those will work well in this situation...

I know you can get a converter but I would rather just use red and white if possible. some help in what type of speaker to look at or some specific speakers to look at would be awsome.

it would be nice if they were on newegg or another website that ships to islands.
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There is two ways to go.
You can get the adapter from mini banana jacks to rca jacks for your home stereo or you can get a pair of one of these two speakers.


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looks like Z2300's come with the adapter actualy. I didnt think they would. guess il get them... thanks for the help
What the hell are you lot on about?

The Xonar STX has SPDIF (Optical / Coax) / 1/4 Jack and RCA stero outputs. Thus allowing it to connect to pretty much anything.

If you want to connect it to Z2300's which use a 3.5mm Minijack then I recommend using the RCA > Minijack convertor which comes with the STX.

To connect it to your TV, which uses what? Either a 3.5 Mini Jack Headphone socket or RCA Stereo out, you could also use the same type of apapter.

However, because the Z2300's only have one 3.5mm connector for input, you will need to get a selector switch cable type thing to allow you to switch between the two sources...

Unless you want to go unplugging everything all the time.
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optical have any advantages over RCA or whatever it is called?

Originally Posted by Feathered View Post
optical have any advantages over RCA or whatever it is called?
Optical is immune to interferance such as EMI so no noise is added to the signal. In other words, what ever signal leaves the source is exactly the same as is received by the amp.
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ah ok. well its not traveling far so no need for optical then I guess.
i recommend the G51 speakers from logitech
G51's are awsome but can they be hooked up to this sound card? dont they use 4 mini jacks?
I wish we could sticky this but I always seem to ask this question first before anything else...

What is your budget?
sticky for my budget would be great... and I dont quite know. Im thinking G51's would be great price but... I pay basicaly 100 bucks on top of both speaker sets just for shipping... well G51's are 80 almost and the Z2300's are 99 or sompthing like that lol its not cool. anyways I think about 175 W/O shipping maby. and G51's use 2 mini jacks to connect so is there any way to get those jacks with my card?

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