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what temp did you get from 8350 with hyper 212 evo mounted?

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Where are you on our big blue marble? Helps to know as cooler availability and cost varies.
A link to site you plan to buy from is helpful too.
newegg always helped me
but im just looking to find if this cooler 212evo is better than mine by actual tried experience like the question I just asked
its cheap and i've no prob ordering one, i'm just afraid if mine is better, i'll waste money by buying this evo

mine is old Z600, it gave me 52 after playing 4/5 hours AC3 highest setting and also 8350 was OCed to 4.2
what temp did you get from 8350 with hyper 212 evo mounted?
This is an impossible question to ask as each processor is different from each other. One person with the same processor and cooler could be running at 50 degrees while another person with the same could be running at 70 degrees. There is way too much variation in batches of silicon to say with certainty "you will get xx degrees at nn speed". Your best bet is to be looking at comparison reviews between two coolers you are comparing on the exact same processor and testing conditions to see which is better, and that data can be interpreted into your own system for which cooler would perform better. But comparing one persons system to your own just based on same processor model wont work.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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