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Originally Posted by BADFASTBUSA View Post
I have always liked OCZ Freeze the best out of all of them I have used, and I have used all of them LOL


Originally Posted by Ckaz View Post
how long is the curing time for IC7
It's initial cure is within 2 hours. If you've used it you know this stuff is thick as tar so just using the drop method doesn't always work, it depends on what you're putting it on. A large GPU, spread a thin layer then put 3 drops on and apply up to 50lbs pressure, usually the pressure the screws apply.

Total cure can take up to a week. I saw initial temp drops of 7c over the first few hours when I put it on one of my Gtx 480's. After a week it had dropped another 3-4c.

This is thier application instruction: http://innovationcooling.com/applica...structions.htm


Originally Posted by jimibgood View Post
I think nothing. It is pretty thick. I saw 3-5 temp drops immediately but I forget the exat temp drop due to brain freeze.

Bad if you used IC7, you would not use anything else my friend. It smokes freeze.
Actually on the IC Diamond website there are plenty of comparison charts.

OCZ Freeze "Extreme" and IC Diamond there is only about .7c difference.

AS5 and IC diamond there is a 1.5c difference.

MX-2 and IC Diamond is a 2c difference. That's MX-2 though. I'm testing MX-3 and there doesn't seem to be much of a difference at all. My tests aren't done though. I will be removing the MX-3 and applying IC Diamond, then we'll see if there is a difference.

Charts are from Innovation Cooling and HWReviewlabs.
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