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What to buy tonight?

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Few decisions.



XFX 4850 XXX

Same price, free delivery. Both OC version. What to do?

Single card use only. Not after any other cards.
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if you dont fold what games do u play? both cards work better with sertian games. if gaming is not a pariorty either will do .
I don't fold yet. I mainly play COD4 & 5.
buy me a pizza with pepperoni

I'd go with the 9800GTX+ SSC.... evga step up for 90 days, so if you can save up a few more bucks and get yourself a 2xx series card for the difference in price and still upgrade right now
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In this case I'd go green. I'm finding that a lot games are designed for nVidia cards now.

I would go xfx 9800GTX+. 9800GTX+ and 4850 have similar performance. The one in your post is ssc version and from evga (setup program). You can get a stock one and OC it if that save you some money.
I don't know, either would be fine. But Crossfire motherboards are cheaper than SLI ones, so if you ever plan to go that route the 4850 would be best IMO.
Go for the 9800GTX+, its better for folding, Step-up and i find the nVidia drivers better too
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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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