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Here is code.


# Created August 3, 2013
# Last Edit August 4, 2013

# Settings

alignment top_right
use_xft yes
xftfont Purisa:size 10
gap_x 10
gay_y 10
maximum_width 300
update_interval 1.0
double_buffer yes
default_color FFFFFF

# Actual Configuration

$nodename $alignr$kernel
Uptime : $alignr$uptime
Frequency : $alignr$freq MHZ 
Cpu 1: $alignr${cpu cpu1}% ${cpugraph cpu1 15,190 09FF00 FF0000 -t}
Cpu 2: $alignr${cpu cpu2}% ${cpugraph cpu2 15,190 09FF00 FF0000 -t}
Cpu 3: $alignr${cpu cpu3}% ${cpugraph cpu3 15,190 09FF00 FF0000 -t}
Cpu 4: $alignr${cpu cpu4}% ${cpugraph cpu4 15,190 09FF00 FF0000 -t}
Cpu 5: $alignr${cpu cpu5}% ${cpugraph cpu5 15,190 09FF00 FF0000 -t}
Cpu 6: $alignr${cpu cpu6}% ${cpugraph cpu6 15,190 09FF00 FF0000 -t}
RAM : $alignr$mem / $memmax
SWAP : $alignr$swap / $swapmax
Free Space : $alignr${fs_free /} / ${fs_size /}
Read : $alignr${diskio_read /dev/sdb}
Write : $alignr${diskio_write /dev/sdb}
Signal Strength : $alignr${wireless_link_qual_perc wlan0}%
IP Address : $alignr${addr wlan0}
Up : $alignr${upspeed wlan0} / ${totalup wlan0}
Down : $alignr${downspeed wlan0} / ${totaldown wlan0}
The question is on the {fs_free /}. With conky running it says I have 402GiB of 440GiB free however at bottom of file browser it says I have 431.7 GB free space. Which is right? And or how do I get conky to show the right number. Assuming 431.7 is right because I did a fresh install and havn't installed much of anything yet. Mint 15 btw.

Other question. Even with the gaps set at only 10 it is still 1 full inch from the top of my screen, would like to get it closer to edge if can.

Linux > All
1,725 Posts
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Thanks for the views. As no one has idea I'm putting conky on back burner until I figure out what own_window settings I need to stop this flickering as well as the gap settings not referencing off the edge of the top and bottom. Until then, I thank you for looking at least.

Already tried double_buffering.
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