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What type of OC's are you getting on 4870 1gb?

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OK, I just got my card yesterday. The numbers are not that great, but I have to admit, it does make everything look and play nicer than my 8800GTS 512.

My issues so far are the numbers. I am only able to OC to 790/925 from 700/900. This doesn't seem to be a whole heck of a lot (well, core is not bad, but RAM OC is poor). I haven't had an ATI card since my 2900Pro, so it could be the way it is. Also, my 3dmark scores are not that great. I get 16K-ish in 06 and 9K-ish in vantage. These numbers are not that far away from my OCed 8800GTS. I know that the benches are really geared towards nvida, but I had thought the numbers would have been a bit better.

So, all in all I think it is a decent card. i just wish it OCed better. Maybe I need to add some cooling and a vmod.
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OC'ed currently:
Core: 825mhz
Memory: 1025mhz

I havn't played around with it too much, but it is stable. Possible to get more out of it, I'm sure, but there really isn't a huge benefit.

It is watercooled though (MCW-60 & ram heatsinks).
Hey, I havent bothered with my gpu tbh, I overclock my cpu and that's about it. I did dabble with it and no matter any increase I got artifacts:swearing:, so max I got was like 20mhz hardly worth it is it, card is running cool too, so I dont get whats up, they do say the 1gb versions dont overlock well unlike the 512 with different memory.

TBh it doesnt bother me if its stock it's still a powerful card. I may have a dabble again when my 940 arrives but ill proberly get the same results.

I read the memory already runs hot so overclocking that is pushing it, the core can be overclocked a bit but still not a lot.
I have it at 790 rock solid, stock mem for the most part. Will toss it up to 1000 for gaming - it seems ok well above that too.

I use the stock cooler (big red jet engine), and have never, ever had trouble with temps.

I'm basically too lazy to flash the bios. I did try from within windows via command prompt (please don't chastise me, didn't work - but I didn't brick it either thank god)..

I do think I could bring the GPU clock much higher, then I'd imagine temps would quickly become an issue.

Great card though, rock solid for gaming. Hope it helps bro!
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PS - nice Sox Avatar, gonna be a great year I think (even better if Lugo is injured!). PEDROIA THE DESTROYA!
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