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What type of programming should i go for?

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I want to go into game programming for a career or something similar and I was just wondering what programming language(s) I would need to look at?

Im doing a course in college next year for software and computer game development. This is the closest course I could get to what I wanted to do and the only one with any programming.
Bare in mind Im only 15 and live in the UK so I still have university to go yet lol.
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thanks ill have a look at somthing liek that when i have the time then lol.
hey if you want to sample some coding education, maybe you can check out what's freely available online--
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wow thankss that looks awesome =]]
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What college are you going to do that course at? and does it actually involve development in software/games or does it just tell you how?

EDIT: reason i asked is because i did the same course a few years back, i didn't really learn anything from it, i found self teaching at home on the net helped me more lol.
there take a look they changed it from development to design now but its exactly the same course.
Great Stuff matey,


Alot of the older 30+ Coders in this country would have cut thier teeth on the Commodore Amiga back in the the late 80s to mid 90`s writing `demos` to compete with each other all over europe! this place was called the `demo scene` and was the BEST place to learn! people pushed the hardware more and more and had the competition that needed them to do it!
All programmed for FUN!

check out this place...


Its the more upto date place to release your latest showcase!!
look at the various partys and the releases! you will be astounded by what can be squashed into 64 KILOBYTES!!!! thats smaller than your average word document!!

Keep it up and we hope to see you in the credits for games in the future!!

C++ seems to be the one to go for!
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You will definitely not go for any 1 language.

The college will make you a Software Engineer, adept at all manner of languages, you can just have a personal favorite.

Heck I am an IT major, and my college has had me learn 5 programming languages (not including HTML, CSS, and the horrors of Cold Fusion).

The SE's here have to learn something like 5 languages in just 1 course! They also learn compiler design, and other intricate stuff.

So for that 1 class, then C or C++ would be great to learn. They are fairly easy, and chances are they will be the language of choice.
wow some good reply here lol.

and yes the uk does need more game programmers! hence why im here lol.
anyone know any c++ guides free on the net then? or anything i could possibly get off a torrent?

Originally Posted by smokey888
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wow some good reply here lol.

and yes the uk does need more game programmers! hence why im here lol.
anyone know any c++ guides free on the net then? or anything i could possibly get off a torrent?

If possibly you should go to your local bookstore, and read around; if you find a good book, try either buying it, or hunt it down online.

O'reilly books and "for dummies" books are pretty much the standard, but you could find some other good ones.

You local library might have some good books too.
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yer i got a c book from the library but it wasnt that great as the cd wasnt with it lol.
If you're planning on a career in games then C / C++ is the language, but you can learn from trying different languages. Functional programming languages (e.g. LiSP) force you to think about programming from a different perspective which is not a bad thing.

Ada is also a great programming language to learn because it's very strict so it promotes good programming practice.

Also once you have your head around the basics of C++, take a look at the DirectX API and see if you can make sense of it.
Hey Smokey,

I started learning C++ myself a while back as it seems ot be very versitile and usefull to learn "programming".

I used this Microsoft Visual Studio C++ Express to compile my programs. Click I didn't use the visual part of it, it comes with a command compiler that does the trick.

Then I used this free e-book to start learning. Click You can download each chapter in PDF format on the right hand side of that web page. It tells you how to use the Visual Studio C++ express to compile your programs.

Hope this helps,
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