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What upgrade options do I have for my Vaio?

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I have a Sony Vaio Desktop with the infamous "you're screwed" P4SD-VX mobo AMI bios combo. Apparently my only options to gain performance are to either get a 3.2 P4 to put on the board, or get a whole new board. My question is: if I replace the board, I'll
a. need to go out and get my own copy of XP , and
b. lose all of the pre-loaded Vaio programs/etc.?

Is that an accurate assessment of the situation?
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In this case I would get myself a new motherboard and xp pro. In your case do you have a micro motherboard? If so there are some good NF4 motherboards out there now that can overclock. If the PC still runs back up all your programs to DVD or cd and reload them. Atleast you want lose them
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