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Ok, so here is the scenario:

I have a PC that is 10 years old, has received many upgrades over the years but the board just can't hack being used anymore for anything more than word or IE. Anyways it originally had Win XP Pro, upgraded (if you can call it that) toVista Business a couple years back. After I loaded to vista two logins existed on the computer, mine (admin) and my son's (user).

It would continuously get BSOD during operation of games. I set skiprearm to 3 and sysprep'ed the machine down (using audit mode and generalize). Swapped the board, CPU, and ram and it boots up just fine but boots strait into windows under "administrator" account. I checked the user accounts and mine and my son'sa re still on it. I changed the name of the "administrator" and gave it a new password even though the old one was blank. Now every time I reboot it attempts to autologin in "adminshort" (that's the renamed "administrator" account) and says bad username or password. Will it go away after a certain amount of attempts or what? I've rebooted 4 timesnow.

I did not modify the unattend.xml file prior to sysprepping.

Note: The administrator account I renamed is the built in admin account that it keeps wanting to automatically log onto when booting. Plus sysprep keeps opening everytime i boot, did something go wrong? Plus it says the builtin account is disabled when I go to manage-> Users and Groups->Administrator, right click->properties.
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