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What would be the best heatsink for an E6600/ Where can I get a tuniq in NA?

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I wont order a tuniq from the UK so what are my options? And the fan will be replaced with this one:


I was thinking Big Typhoon but that was a while ago and I was gonna go with water but now I can't.

What should I get?
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Big Typhoon will work. =)

but the tuniq tower is the best.... and you dont have to order it from the UK


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Where can I get one in this country of our's man?
P.S.- Did you actually move the bibles into the fiction section? cause thats just awsome.
xoxide and ncix are good, but the tuniq is always low on quanitities.. let me find some other links.
Hey sorry i asked where the links didnt show up till i refreshed
I recommend getting a Scythe Infinity and then modding it with two high CFM fans on opposite sides, one as intake and other exhaust. Making sure the exhaust blows air out of the case.

NEvolution found a much cheaper price at DirectCanada.
Here's the Scythe Infinity for $51.66CAD. Direct Canada is known to have cheaper prices than NCIX by a long shot. It's pretty much the Newegg of Canada.
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Price isn't a huge deal its performance i want.
if somebody could find a place with stock in north america Id buy one definetly.
Don't bother replacing the fan on a Tuniq Tower 120. I put that exact same fan and when I ran it at full speed (2400rpm), the noise was unbearable, so guess what? I notched down to 2000rpm which was more acceptable in noise and it made no difference from the stock TT120 to the SS, so I wasted $15.

I was going to take it back but the place where I bought it is 24 miles away and the gas wasn't exactly cheap and I drive an SUV so.....it's no point in replacing the TT120's stock fan because it does a great job as it is.

Now, where can you find one? No where currently and some guy at XS paid $100 for one that was being sold at the classifieds.

Either wait for it to be in stock again or get a TTBT.
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Ya I wouldn't have replaced the TT120's fan just the others.
Its pretty amazing how they sold out like that must be pretty damn good, did the TT-BT have that kind of popularity or any other coolers?
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