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What would u do

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1 Get the fx 60 then use onboard sound

2. Opteron 180 with $50 combo mail-in rebate
Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeMusic 7.1 Channels 24-bit 96KHz PCI Interface Sound Card

3. Opteron 165 or 170 with Creative SOUND BLASTER X-Fi Fatal1ty FPS 7.1 Channels 24-bit 96KHz PCI Interface Sound Card - Retail

Well let me know ur thoughts please
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I use onboard sound so I'd have to vote for that.

Unless you have a nice surround sound system or do audio editing, I'd get the onboard.
I'd go option 2.
Go with the onboard unless you're a sound freak
I just a bf2 gamer and love my music.For 2 votes for onboard 1 vote for 180
I think that I'd go for either the 165 or 170 because w/ some overclocking you can get the fx speeds for much less.

regardless of what you choose I'd say you should get a real sound card. even if it's just an audigy 2. you'll get better sound quality and the sound processing will be done by the card not your cpu so you'll also get better performance
ok Also I will have a very good watercooling setup so overcloking is ok with me
Opteron 170 and the xfi.

Trust me on this. The fx-60 is way more money than you should be spending (especially with watercooling). You can smoke the fx-60 with your 170 if you overclock. Plus, the soundcard will be much nicer than onboard. I hate onboard compared to my soundcard.
Get the nicest CPU and then drop a cool $25 for the Turtle Bay Riviera. Very very good budget card. I have it on 3 of my systems, and it sounds fantastic in surround (and great with BF2)
so far 3 votes for onboard
1 for opty 180
2 for 170 or 165

P.S. I a idiot should have made a poll
I'd say the 180 and the X-Fi. Or you could swap the X-Fi for one of those Dolby Digital live cards.
option 2, great performance and great sound.... to me seems to be the best bang for buck, the fatality series dont appeal to me for they dont offer enough of a performance gain for the insane price jump...
Option 3

but get the Xtreme Music and get awsome speakers
Well ok I going with option 2 opty 180 and x-fi extreme music.
Now another ? is this will the 180 I getting can it be overclocked just as high or higher than the fx60 and have same porformance as fx 60 or better
Get the 170 And an X-Fi Platinum. The Fatal1ty is not worth the extra money.

And I agree with the "anything over onboard" opinion... my SB Live! ($30 at BestBuy 5 months ago) smokes most onboard, and helps out my feeble CPU from doing more work than it has to.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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