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what you guys think about this laptop?

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What do you all think about it? I know it's not that powerful but if I do get it I have plans to put 2 more gigs of RAM in it.
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Battery life seems pretty average... CPU is pretty weak for that price. Specs in general seem a bit low for a laptop in the ~400 range, although that may just be since the only price knowledge I know of comes from those laptop deals on SD.

Still, you're getting it for free, so I wouldn't complain. It'll probably fit your needs as long as you're not expecting to do anything too intensive.
Not sure how much benefit you would get from adding extra RAM though. With DDR2 prices rising I would probably advise against it.
I would have rather gotten a netbook, but you could always plop a new processor in there.

But, it is pretty hard, my friend said it was worth it in the end for him (only $60 for a Athlon 64 X2 @ 2.0 GHz).

So yeah, eBay is a good place to look for laptop processors.


That HD 3200 is a pretty good laptop GPU, so don't bash it, promise me
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oh yeah I'm not lookin to do any high end gaming on it. Thats mainly why I built my desktop for.
For a Sub $400 thats about as good as it gets! Enjoy the laptop
What do you intend on doing with it? Aside from the gfx card, this is very similar to my current lappy that I got 4 years ago--though for a bit more than $400, lol. For general use--word processing, net surfing, some higher-level things, it's just fine. But the best thing is that you'll also be able to watch high-def video files if you want--mine chokes on HD youtube videos, and that's not even full HD. So it should suit you quite well for a nice portable machine. If you can swing getting a netbook, you might want to consider it if a smaller screen doesn't bother you--for that price, you can get something much more portable. But all in all, it should satisfy any mobile computing you need to do. Have fun with it.
The 512kb cache severely hurts the CPUs performance.. but as others said, you could look on Ebay for others. I've noticed that with regular use, under 2MB cache is where you start to feel the performance drops, with one still being pretty useable. Like for that price you're better off with a netbook's ATOM.

My cousin plays this online RPG game called Runescape (not sure what it is, but assume you would know). He's running it on a 1.6Ghz celeron under the same cache and apparently it does just fine.
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