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whats a good overclock micro atx board

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whats a good overclock micro atx board

possible hdmi and good onboard grapics

i have an q9550 (e0)
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If you want onboard graphics and LGA775, you can try the Asus P5Q-EM, which I have overclocked stable with my E7200 to 3.51 GHz. It has HDMI, DVI, SPDIF and is microATX.

However, needless to say that one without onboard graphics will overclock better than one with.


Originally Posted by whe3ls View Post
dfi p45 jr
This one may be a good choice also, but it does not have onboard graphics.
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Originally Posted by neDav View Post
This one had my q6600 up to 3.6 no sweat.

Yes, I understand that the G35 was a good chipset. Just note that the GMA X3500 can't playback blu-ray.
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This would be the best IGP chipset that can overclock decently. However the DFI is the most expensive.

List of manufacturers:
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I personally love my P5e-vm-hdmi.

It is one of the best overclocking board (not just MATX) that I have used.

I have two of them at home.

1. E8400 (E0) at 4.2ghz at 1.3625 in bios ( 1.35 in windows)
2. Q6600 (G0) at 3.8ghz at 1.425v in bios (1.415 in windows)

3. I have a Q9550 (E0) coming next week, see if I can make it to 4.0ghz (470fsb) with that quad.

All above are with 1.4v nb voltage.
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