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Whats better than MSI Afterburn?

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I have been using Afterburn for quite some time now and and really liked its features but since this problem I cannot get it to run or even open. I have tried uninstalling it and reinstalling nothing works.

I am using 2 4890's in Crossfire, are there any other programs out there that does the same thing MSI Afterburn does? I have tried Rivatuner and I just cant get used to it (Too complex), also I have tried ATi's Catalyst and that would of been a good client but I hate the fact that it doesn't support volt modifications.

Thanks very much
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You can try up Rivatuner.
You will need the VT1165 voltage plugin to adjust the voltages.
Do you have the latest one version 1.4.1? did you try uninstalling deleting the programfolder and then deleting the registry entry? try installing it again then


GPU Voltage Tuner
ATI Tray Tools

other methods link2
there's is also some kind of batfile program out there somewere but can find it..sry

Contagion already mentionen rivatuner.

you can also do it by bios editing. save the video card bios with gpu-z, modify with RBE then flash it inside windows with winflash or do it in bios with atiflash.
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