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Whats Better?

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I am a noob when it comes to OCing, but am trying to learn. When OCing a CPU, whats better, high fsb, low multiplier, or low fsb, high multiplier?

I have managed to get my CPU up to 3.33ghz from 2.66ghz, but the temp has gone from 32C to 38C when just on net ect. Is this a big jump in temp at these levels? I have watercooling also.

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Higher FSB. It helps with throughput.
Thanks =)

PS - Any ideas what I should be able to get out of this baby?
you want them to be even, or as close to as they are now in terms of what you have stock.

For instance. Im running a 2.4GHz chip with PC3200 ( DDR400 ) ram. I want to overclock my processor....but keep my ram's power.

Im not at 2.7GHz and DDR 416.....

To do this, I have my multiplier at 12x and my FSB @ 226. Keep in mind every chip, and mother board will react differently and have different options. Hell...even RAM can cause an issue.

Best of luck chum

Just my findings......
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Thanks, all help is appreciated
Your PC is seriously the quickest thing i've ever seen, you have good cooling and great bits of hardware, you seem to have already overclocked a LOT out of it, good luck with it!

Sorry about the cables, but I only finished it 2-3 days ago. If your interested I am getting 16500 in 3dmark06
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Bah - we dont want the softcore stuff - got any of the actual insides? I'd love to see em!

How much did it set you back in total then?
You tell me what you want pics of and I will post them for you. Total cost is about £3500ish.
Very Nice!!! *DROOLS*
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