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Whats difference between normal SDHC and netbook SDHC?

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im seeing like netbook sdhc cards. whats the difference?

is it because its class 2 meaning slower for storage and class 4 for cameras so its faster? o_O
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The higher the class the faster the speed rating is of SDHC cards, so reads and writes will be quicker. However regarding SDHC netbook cards, check this out..


For my photography SDHC needs I use these cards and have found them to be very good..

i was looking at class 4. there are tons of reviews saying class 6 are initially fast and works well but a lot die.
Class 4 cards are still very good and quick too, It's just that I chose the class 6 ones because when taking huge pictures I don't want to be waiting while the camera writes data to the card before I can take my next shots.
I can only give my own views on at least 4 Sandisk and 3 Integral cards here (class 4 & 6) and say that I've not had any problems with either make, and this is after 3+ years of use.
wonder if i should get class 4 or 6 for my dslr. i dont want to risk it dieing n losing pix... think class 4 good enuf?
Yea class 4 is good, you only really need very fast cards if your continuously taking many pics one after the other, or shooting video, mainly because as the cameras buffer memory gets filled it needs to dump it to the card so that the camera is ready to fire off more shots. So the faster the card the less chance there is of any delay, or were video is concerned, stutter.
im plannin on taking videos with my camera too.... =.=
The Class rating is the minimum write speed, and it's based off of video tests.

A Class 4 card can be faster than a class 6, you need to check benchmarks to see how it stacks up.
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