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Whats the best anti virus and spyware out

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I am looking to get the best anti virus and spy ware out
what would i want to get
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AVG is very good and its free.

And try Malwarebytes for the spyware.

Also, free.

Anti Virus
- Avast
- Antivir

- Spybot
- Malwarebytes
- Spywareblaster
ok what the best you can buy or are they any better than the free stuff
I have been loving NOD32 lately. I used to use AVG and put it on all of my customer's computers, but lately it has been letting a LOT of easy viruses through, and have not been able to get them out once they are in.

I would say right now:

1. NOD32
2. Avast!
3. Avira (although I have had problems here too)

For cleanups of infected machines you cannot get better than Malwarebytes at the moment. Together with ComboFix and F-secure Blacklight I am willing to you can get any nasty critter made out of your PC on the first try.
I've been using NOD32 since it has a very small footprint.
IMHO, I do not believe that a "full" paid version is any better than the free ones. I have not paid for antivirus/Spyware programs in over 6 years and my systems have been perfectly fine.
I had McAfee when I had XP. When I went Vista it didnt want to play with McAfee and I had all sorts of problems.

Ended going with Avast! and havent looked back.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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