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Whats The better LCD monitor to buy?

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I'm looking for a new monitor. I've narrowed it down to 2 LG's

The first one is a LG W2261V

And the second on is LG W2252TQ-FP

I went in and looked at the w2261v and the w2252TQ, and the 2261 looks insanly wide and short compaird to the 2252.

Wont games be small(not much from top to bottem) and distorted on the 2261?

Will there be any noticable difference between the 1:1 pixel ratio and the other one not?

I'm quite reluctant to give up ye'ol CRT, but its becoming impractical.

Whats one is a good replacement?

It will be used for general use with some gaming. Gfx card is 4850, 512mb

Thanks for your imput
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Thanks. Fixed
The LG W2261V has a screen res of 1920x1080, which seems like it is a lot wider than it is tall, but your games shouldn't be distorted or anything. There are plenty of people who play games at that res here on OCN.

If I'm not mistaken the LG W2252TQ-PF has a screen res of 1650x1050, so the above monitor would give you some more space on your desktop. Also if you play some older games like cs 1.6 or something of that sort that were made before widescreen monitors, you can change the aspect ratio to make it full screen (4:3) with the black bars on the side.
Yes its insanely wider than it is tall.

So the game will have a wider view left and right of the crosshair? and shorter view up and down of the cross hair? Or will changing the res even it out a bit buy making everything smaller?
It depends on the game. Most games now support a proper widescreen view, while others will crop the height of the image to fit the width, which is referred to as "vert-."

Here's a list of games and their method of widescreen support:

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