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B550 gaming edge, 5800x, 5600x, 3600xt, 1600AF, 2070S, 4x8 3200c14, 2tb adata 8200sx PRO, 500gb 970e
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I know this is EXTREMELY OLD but, im running a r5 5600x with 4000mhz/2000fclk (3200B-die) 4x8 t2 c16 flat..
anyhow, ive not had A SINGLE WHEA error, did have 1 blue screen happen while trying to update MSI dragon center,
which ive found happens quite a lot for whatever reason on intel, amd whatever.

yet, no log in WHEA was posted, i dont have crashes, stutters, game crashes (minus cold war crashing but thats the game not the pc)
as of now, operations is the only thing inside WHEA thats logging, ive reset ALL windows services back to default,
reinstalled windows on a new drive (i did NOT however unhook the other drive to ensure it set a new boot partition)
but im pretty sure i made a new boot partition, however the new OS install didnt record any WHEA errors either,

im only asking, well stating this due to the HIGH KNOWN WHEA risks with ryzen 5000 chips right now, and why im not seeing a single error
inside WHEA. again no BSOD, but i do have warnings inside error reporting, but thats me force killing certain software.
if someone can let me know if i should be worried, or what specific services run error logs, that would be great.

(again i did reset windows services, (using vipers program which is kind of outdated now) error reporting services and dependents are ALL running as they should be
or at least they say running or are set to AUTO.
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141 - 142 of 142 Posts