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WHEAService, WHEA errors suppressor - unleash Ryzen processor high FCLK without performance penalties

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Doesn't work with Windows 11
Either it's a bug, I have reported it, or Microsoft decided for you that is better you always get WHEA whatever you like it or not (more likely this one)

Due to the high number of WHEA errors clogging the system, running a Ryzen with high FCLK incurs in a performance penalty.
WHEAService will disable the WHEA error reporting; please be careful and check system stability.
System should become stable and smooth once the error sources are disabled.
It's a non-destructive and low risk solution; you can always disable the service or uninstall it and go back to the previous state.

Some settings advice for high FCLK:

Ver. Release

You can download it form GitHub:

Release v1.2.0.0 Release · mann1x/WHEAService

Use the MSI installer and reboot.

Please check the README on GitHub.

A brief explanation of what it does and what doesn't:
  • It will suppress the WHEA errors reporting from the WMI sources
  • It's not going to magically fix instabilities or improve performances
  • It will improve performances when you get thousands of WHEA per minute under load and the Event Log will consume a lot of resources to process them
  • You'll be able to see the other events logged in the System Log not just WHEA errors
  • It's not going to improve performances if the WHEA 19 correctable errors are causing performance degradation
  • Not going to stop the system crashing with WHEA 18 unrecoverable errors
Best and almost only way to check for performance regressions and improvements over lower FCLK is the monero xmr-stak-rx miner:

You need to properly configure it like you really want to mine with it so follow the instructions.

Run it with the command line:

xmr-stak-rx.exe --noTest --noAMD --noNVIDIA

Press 'h' to gather the throughput:

Font Screenshot Rectangle Multimedia Display device

Configure it and run it for at least 5 minute and get the throughput for ALL at (2), the last 60 seconds.
Even better if you can withstand the temperatures is to let it run for 15 minutes and get the result at (3) which is the last 15 minutes.
The 15 minutes result is better for comparison.

These are the results you should get if there's no performance regression:

Product Rectangle Slope Font Line

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Very nice!
Yes you will get WHEAs at least till Windows is starting the service and disable the sources.
I'll work anyway on this new version, you never know maybe doing something else they start popping again...
yeah i will do a driver uninstall with ddu and reinstall a fresh driver to see if they come back etc. as i want to start messing around with your scheduler and do some benchmarks.. also have to swap between pci gens as this board goes all way up to gen 5 even so 3090 is gen 4 but just to verify.. i will put a delay on hwinfo start then

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at first boot it be fine then it will drop down to that and get stuck there
Wow they really did a number with this board...
Guess the only option is to hide Restart and only use Shutdown :p
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