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When applying Thermal paste...

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Its my first time applying thermal past to my cpu. So Do I take off the reamaining paste with alcohol and then apply the paste? and does it have to be a certain alcohol? is 70% okay? And does it really matter how I apply the past to the processor?
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well idk about taking the old stuff off, but when applying new paste, drop a bead of it on the center of the plate(silicon chip thingy) and use a credit card(or other card) to create a thin, even, layer. not too thick, not uneven
yes remove the old paste with the alcohal on the cpu and the heatsink, then put a BB sized drop of as5 (or w/e u have)on the cpu and install the heatsink in a normal fashion, but before u tighten the heatsink down, just give it a few little twisting motions, then tighten and there ya go, lower temps....
oh and try to use a lint free cloth,such as a coffee filter, to remove the old paste, then dont touch the surfaces of the heatsink and cpu after they have been cleaned
In the UK Maplins sell some special stuff thats called CPU & Heatsink TP Remover its made with citrus and i have used it a lot the bottle is massive for a small price enough for a life time of a home user! Or you can use rubbing alcohol to be safe.

First try to remove thermal paste with a bit of plastic or something if theres a hard blob and when you have it just have left some parts left you cant get and to make it great for the new stuff...

Apply some of the liquid to a bit of kitchen roll seen as that doesnt break (Dont use toliet paper) or a clean lint free cloth and put it ontop of the bottle quickly tip it onto the tissue, paper or cloth and back again and rub it slowly on the cpu / heatsink leave it for a few moments and then get a clean dry peace and whip it off. Done and smooth as a babies bum lol!

Then to apply you put a BB Bullet size (or a bit smaller) of thermal paste onto the CPU and use a credit/ debt card or a small piece of plastic to make a smooth even layer or you can do my personal way that is great everytime.. get your heatsink and place it onto of the thermal paste and rotate it 45 degress left and right this will then make it even by itsself and everytime is perfect

NEVER PLACE THE HEATSINK ON THE PASTE AND REMOVE IT. You will have to reapply as this will "break" the seal from the cpu to the heatsink and decrease its efficiency!

I hope this is ok for you. If you need anymore help drop me a line on msn ([email protected]) and ill guide you though it some more.

Here is what I have:

And can be found for purchase or more information here: http://www.maplin.co.uk/Module.aspx?...aplin&doy=11m2

A store in the US which sells it: http://www.sidewindercomputers.com/akticpuhecl.html

You will notice they tell you to do what i have done but in less detail which is:-

1. Remove as much loose deposit of TIM as possible.
2. Apply solution with a clean dry cloth.
3. Leave for 1-2 minutes.
4. Wipe clean with dry cloth.

If you find this helpful i would like to remind you of the Rep button
Again hope this helps and good luck!
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Okay now that Ive done everything I need some help... Ive done everything and my pc boots up and all but when its gonna go into windows it doesnt respond anymore... What should I do?
Can I ask what you mean does it boot into windows ok but then dont work or is it when its loaded up the loading screen?
It boots up just fine and then when your in the screen where you choose what profile to go into niether the mouse or the keyboard do anything...
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This is very tough to describe, but how thin is thin? Thin as in 1MM or 2MM? Paper thin?.....3 Papers thin? lol....I will be doing this soon and want to make the most of it
Did you reset you CMOS and did you enable USB for your keyboard and mouse, just a guess...
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Originally Posted by Kopi
This is very tough to describe, but how thin is thin? Thin as in 1MM or 2MM? Paper thin?.....3 Papers thin? lol....I will be doing this soon and want to make the most of it

That should help

It's really not a big deal, I got a bit worked up about it as well before I did it, and it was no problem, peice of pie (haha).
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Originally Posted by Progenicus

That should help

Damn, you mean I'm NOT supposed to put it in my mouth?
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