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When the CPU is OC'd in Bios, the PC does not start

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Hi guys,

This is the first time this happens to me. I had before Phenom X4 9950.
I always Overclocked it it BIOS to 3ghz. 1.375v. ... And there was never
any problems with booting/ starting the PC. Now i have a new CPU
Phenom II X4 940. When he isn;t OC'd in BIOS then everything is alright.
With AMD's Overdrive i can easily OC it to 3.5 / 3.6. And it runs very stable.
When i OC in BIOS everything seems to work, i exit the BIOS saving settings.
The PC boots and windows runs perfectly. But if i turn OFF the PC. Then it
does not start anymore. All i can do is reset the BIOS settings. Then it starts like nothing happened. ? I can't understand what it is. Because the CPU runs
really stable Overcloked. And with my OLD 9950 there was never problems.
All the system is the same.

Any ideas?
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It means you're overclocking it too much and it's not recognizing the processor during POST.
Try starting low then going up further.
Overdrive is NOT something to START with when BIOS overclocking, it may be a reference, but it is most certainly NOT where to start when overclocking, as it's a software overclock.
Well... eaven after just upping the Multiplyer to 16x. The PC already does not start. And 200Mhz. extra should not be a problem. I mean i OC my 9950 400Mhz+. And i say again: The PC runs fine if i OC in Bios to ex. 3400mhz. 1.37v. I save and restart the PC. Everything goes fine. Eaven if i restart from windows, it load all OK. ONLY if i switch OFF
the PC. And then next morning want to start it... then it happends.
Well, your power supply is obviously underpowered, but it might take the load here.

Start low, slow.
Find a speed, like 3.2ghz, that you can easily reach. Leave the PC off all night, and see if it starts at 3.2ghz in the morning, if it does, do the same thing, and don't forget you need to raise vcore.
try updating the bios if u havent already. Sounds like something i had before i have done so.

good luck,
there might be some issue with the current in your mobo. since when you on your pc, the components need to warm up and stabilize before it gets everything working well. your psu might be the cause of it as well.

but before we can say that have you updated your mobo with the latest bios?
Yes, as far as i know i have the latest BIOS v 1.6 . My PSU was always working OK.
And like i said i just changed from my old 9950, wich was always OC'd no problem.
The temp are perfect (much better then by 9950) IDLE 30/31C 44 under load
software overclock is never recommended it , trying lower ur settings down a little bit since it did run pass post screen and os or maybe you can add more voltage to your cpu.
how about trying to go back the old cpu?
I sold my old CPU.
Any way, somehow i'll figure out a way.

Thanks everybody
software overclock is okie to find out your high setting and once you do that you can do your final oc by going through the bios... i only use AOD for my memory though
to find the best setting possible and AOD wouldnt let you change vital settings of the component unless you go through the bios anyway and change it your self
but this really sounds like a PSU problem... probably a dying psu
or reflash your bios even though you have the most current one just reflash it again
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Try turning off the PSU, let the power drain (for about 30 secs) then try to boot again. On my old Athlon X2 I have to do that sometimes.
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