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When to purchase my $900 build?

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I put together a little rig on Newegg, when should I bite the bullet and make the purchase?

I don't want to wait to long and miss the 10% bing cashback however there might be better deals on cyber monday and black friday ...
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It is a tough choice man. With the black friday deals going on now, if you have any combos that is part of the BF deals depending on how popular it is you might want to buy it before it sells out. Actually earlier I bought this phenom II x4 3.4 ghz and asus mobo with v8 cooler. I thought to myself, why am I buying this? I should save up for a killer i9 rig, and cancelled my order. It all depends on if you really need it and how good the deal is. If it is part of there black friday deal, then how much better can there cyber monday deals be? I don't know since I can't remember going on Newegg or any other site for the matter to check on CM deals. Not much of a helpful post, anyways, lol...hope you get the answer you're looking for.
if you have the money for your build now, go for it. start enjoying it as soon as possible!
lol guys, I just checked some of the "deals" that NewEgg had for Black Friday. Seems like some of the "deals" were pricier than normal.
Studies have shown that people will buy stuff at the same price because of a sale sign. Although, someone was trampled to death last year because of sale signs so idk.
I would just buy now. If prices change that much in a few days, you can call and see if they will credit you or return the items and buy them on sale. Prices change all the time. You'll be running in circles waiting for sales. (unless you can be very patient)
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