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I have a das model s keyboard that the spacebar is key is not registering every keypress. I'm planning on switching out the spacebar switch with another switch on the keyboard to confirm the switch is the issue.

If that resolves the problem... where can I buy a new switch?
Will I have to find someone selling a broken keyboard with cherry browns and salvage a key or is there a direct retailer?

Also, anyone know the easiest way to pop these things out without damaging them? Is it best to desolder every key and remove the pcb or can I pop an individual key out after desoldering it's pins...?
Edit*** NEVERMIND! Quick Desolder on the 2 pins holding the switch is and it slid out like a greased chicken.

I'm a hobbiest so if terminology is wrong or confusing please correct me.

Fixed it, It was a short on the pcb behind the spacebar, the trace had broken around the solder point so I ran a couple short pieces of copper (borrowed from cat5) and it works like a charm.
Still would love to know where I could find those switches at though if anyone possesses the relevant knowledge!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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