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Where did my thread go? What did I do wrong?

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Usually the offending thread OP is notified but not always.

1. Why was it removed?

The ToS or Market Place Rules will lend credence to the removal. Had they been read, the thread should/would not have been made in the first place

2. I still don't understand why!

Do NOT contest it in the forums, again, that is also against the ToS.

When a thread goes rampantly bad to the point of massive trollism/garbage replies/political rambling it will likely get Removed or Closed even though the OP's subject mater was legit.

3. So what do I do now since I can't post about it in the forum?

Read #1 & #2 and if you are still confused and have not received a PM about it, PM a Moderator from the section in which the thread was made or any other Moderator if none are assigned.

4. I was cited and I feel its not fair.

A friendly PM to the Moderator whom issued the citation goes a long way. We're not perfect and if we are in fact in error in the citation, it will be reversed.

5. Its been suggested a multitude of times before.

6. The replies fostered a hostile or argumentative environment.

Suggestions are in reality for the "Management" and their consideration. Yes the membership has a say, but please do be constructive!

Hope this helps you to understand our Family Friendly Forum environment
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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