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Where do you put your sub?

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hey, for those of you that have subwoofers, I was just wondering where you put yours. Mine is on the floor right now, but I want to make sure it is in the best spot possible.
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mines up against the wall under my desk... also a good foot rest... lol

but you know move it around see where it sounds better. Mine gets kinda muted by the inch of wood that makes up my desk lol
Floor is generally accepted as the best place. Because a sub is low level frequencies that affect your body more than your ears, it shakes the ground. At least thats my logic.

Mine is on the floor to the right of the video source.
I usually put my sub on my desk... On the ground? What's wrong with you people... It'll get dirt and germs on it and won't taste good anymore.
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atm I am running a stacked duel sub with one driver at floor leaval and one at about ear leaval. but like others have said there is not a correct place to put speakers move them around the room till you find that sweet spot
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A corner is a good place.

I originally had the driver facing the wall, about a foot away, but it caused the bass to be so overpowering that I had to turn the driver to face the room.

Make sure, if you have a ported box, the port should be at least a foot, if not two feet from a wall.
Mines screwed into the wall (it makes the walls shake) in front of me just above my desktop, I have cone facing me, and the 'orifice' facing the corner (that end of my manroom is a 50* angle) so it throws the bass in my face


Its pretty ****ty in their, but its wife free
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Mine's under the desk which I know isn't the best place acoustically. It's where it's least conspicuous though so I'm willing to trade off.
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