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Where else to get non-metallic flex conduit?

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Anywhere know where the best place to find this would be? Lowe's and Home Depot (particularly Home Depot since they seem to only have raceway and no flex) have a very small selection on conduit.

Trying to get about 10' and cutting into sections to help with wire management in my rig. Lowe's has 10' 1/2" flex conduit, that happens to be blue to match my LED fans, for less then $5. This is what I'm trying to clean up (not gonna start drilling into the case till I get new hardware towards the end of summer): http://www.overclock.net/gallery/sho...4/ppuser/80576 The wiring isn't too terrible now that I've removed the IDE optical drive, but still want it looking as best as possible without breaking out the Dremel.

Oh, if anyone's wondering why I want to use conduit verses anything else, I'm a CAD operation for a security design and consulting company, conduit runs are something I have to take into consideration when marking up blueprints for access control and CCTV, and I just think it'd be neat to incorporate work with play.
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