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Hello, my current system is:

AMD Phenom II x4 945 3.0 GHZ
some ****ty Gigabyte AM3 board
120gb G. Skill Phoenix Pro SSD
Palit GeForce 460 1gb sonic platinum overclocked edition
8 gigs G. Skill ripjaw series 1600 ddr3 ram
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

My dilemma right now is choosing between an XFX 6950 and flashing to 6970 or upgrading my processor to an i5 2500 (or 2500-k) and getting a P67 board.

Would/should I change my ram as well with the i5/P67 since it supports up to 2200 (I think)?

I know both are bottlenecks just need to figure out which one is more so than the other. I think I'm leaning towards the i5 and P67 since the 460 isn't nearly as old as the phenom II.

Any thoughts/concerns/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I only play world of warcraft. yes I'm one of thoooooooooose guys.

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That sounds like a fine system...Wow is mostly CPU dependent, and a quad at 3.0 isn't a slouch. For that reason, I would upgrade the CPU before anything else. Stick with your board and get an X6 (if it supports it) and save your money for other components. What else is this computer used for? If it's just general use and Wow, I don't believe an entire architecture change would be necessary :S

But if your dead set on more, i7-2500K.
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