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Where to buy Phase Coolers UK

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been thinking about what I can do for my next project, and just wondered where I can buy a phase cooler in teh UK, or do i have to get it imported from the US.
also, what is the best cooler - i have only really come across 2, the mach II and the vapochill XE.
I'm a total noob @ phase, so owt complicated, dumb it down

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thanks but thats US
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Good luck importing a phase unit from another country. Most countries has strict laws regarding cross border shipping of anything with refridgerated coolant in it.

Just ask OCZ...
so is it even possible to get one in the UK????
that dosent really help
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Originally Posted by retrogamer1990 View Post
that dosent really help

Before you do anything I would check with someone that knows...things may have changed since I virtually gave up phase but vapochills at that time where not good for the latest CPU's. Don't know what your planning to use it with but it would certainly be a point to check because yes....you may well end up having to import. The other problem is finding a friendly HVAC to help when it goes wrong etc....they tend to be thin on the ground as well.

Phase...and basically A/C is not really a common thing here in the UK is it ?

More like an expensive luxury.
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Another problem importing one from the states is they are on 110 volt 60 hertz power where as in the UK you are on 220/240 volt 50 hertz power the same as here in Australia. When I was living in the US it made it hard to bring anything electrical back here to Aus
thanks, already sourced one from benchtec. PM "smoking" for more info, he has a few spare units to flog.
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