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I wouldn't even think of adding another graphics card before i got another power supply. IMO, that should be your next upgrade, a stable supply of power is essential for a stable system and your best overclocks. After, that, i would look into a volt mod or if you can't pull yourself towards doing one, sell your current mb, and get one that will supply more voltage to your cpu, 3700+ are getting to 3ghz pretty easily, you may get higher, but being an overclocker myself, i wouldn't just be able to leave my 4000+ sitting at 2.8. Then, the ram that i get depends on what you want to use your computer for, if it's for gaming or 'extreme' multitasking, a 2 gig set will get you a few more fps in huge games like bf2 (that push 1 gig sets to their limits) and will allow you to completely eliminate your pagefile.

Also, what kind of ram do you have currently? Value, or xms? If it's xms, then you should try and squeeze more out of your ram. Right now it's only running at 212mhz. You should try using lower multi's. If your ram can run 230+, then try a cpu multi of 10x and an htt of 280, which will put you ram at 233mhz. If it can't run that high, atleast try a 10.5 multi at and your htt at 267, which will put your ram at 222mhz. This is all keeping your divider at 333mhz, and your cpu core speed at 2800mhz.
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