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Which 120hz ?

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Will be ordering a new 120hz monitor within the next week, i have had my eye on a particular acer for the last couple of months.

Acer 120 hz- http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824009300&Tpk=HN274H%20bmiiid

The monitor will NOT be used for 3d EVER. (3d gives me bad headaches)

Any other suggestions in the 27 inch class arena would be greatly appreciated.
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I've played on the 27" Asus and it is pretty good.
Originally Posted by Willanhanyard View Post

I've played on the 27" Asus and it is pretty good.
It suffers from major major QC issues, and is also not that impressive for a monitor.

The samsung s27a950d / s27a750d / s27a700d are most likely by far the best choices you can make if you can handle glossy. They put the competition to shame. The main difference between all of them for 120hz is the connectivity. 750D lacks DVI, you can only use DP to achieve 120hz.
I think my monitor is the best one I have ever owned. I'm not sure how much less I would like it if I had a window close by because the glossy surface tends to have glare problems.
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Is the Acer i have chosen bad?
Still really undecided on which 120hz for 2d i should get. Please chime in peeps, i am looking to order in the next few hours!
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