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Which 9800GT?

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All of them have 512mb of GDDR3 memory on a 265-bit bus. All have the same clocks (600/1800) and are the same price ($110 after MIR) except for the BFG OC edition.

EVGA, 55nm version.
EVGA, with dual slot cooler.
EVGA, looks pretty plain to me
BFG, OCed to 635/1850. Slightly cheaper than the others at $100 after MIR.
XFX, comes with CoD4. Not a big deal to me but I'll choose it if everything else is the same.

I'm also open to suggestions around the same price range.

Edit: I'm playing at 1280x1024 and don't plan to OC. My PSU has 33a on the +12v.
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I would pick this Asus 9800gt because it has a voltage increase and it's also has a dual slot cooler. It is $130 after mir.
i have the duel slot evga and i like it, plus thers that step up program also with evga
I would go with that dual slot version, I like the fact it doesn't empty heat into my case, and its only $129.
I'd get the dual-slot one.
I'm not interested in OCing my graphics card, and I'm playing at 1280x1024, forgot to mention that in my first post.

Also my PSU should me able to handle it right? It has 33a on the 12v rail.
Get the 55nm, it should be able to OC higher due to the die shrink.

Originally Posted by Marin View Post
Get the 55nm
To my knowledge Newegg made a mistake with labeling that card as 55nm, and have since removed that claim from their description.

I wonder if anyone has taken the fansink off to verify if it is 65nm or 55nm?
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I've got the '55nm' one. Not sure if it really is 55nm - I haven't taken off the heat sink, but it is good for the money - I got it two weeks ago for $98 AR with 2 gigs of OCZ ram.
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I would go with the EVGA duel slot!
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