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Which AMD CPU should I buy?

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I'm planning on building a new gaming rig, but I'm not quite sure what CPU to buy. I want an AMD 939 and I have about $300 dollars to spend on the CPU itself. I may spend a little more for the CPU, but nothing over $400. This rig will be completely for gaming so what would you guys recommend. I am 100% sure I am going to overclock the hell out of what I'm getting.

So to summarize my requestI need a 939, gaming, good overclocking, $300 CPU.

Thanks guys.
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But what is wrong with an overclocked 3000+ for gaming, the cpu at the end of the day doesnt make a hell of a lot of difference in gaming, you get ya grunt from the gpu. Ya better off just spending more money on something else than a new cpu. (In my opinion of course) But if you are keen then have a look at a x2 4400 or even some of the optys. Buying these higher priced cpus like the 4400 will not give you a massive overclock compared to your 3000+. You will be paying for the cache and is it really worth it at the moment..........think about it.
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