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Which ANCIENT GPU is better?

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Due to a series of unfortunate events involving a glass of water, my mother, and the upper fan vent in my case, I'm rebuilding the majority of my PC - which leaves me with some random parts that I'm using to built secondary PC with spare parts. After digging around, I found two ancient graphics cards...a Geforce 2 MX200, and an ASUS v7100Pro64 (built with the Geforce 2 MX400 GPU). Am I correct in assuming that the ASUS card will be better?
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Yes, the MX400 would be superior.
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perhaps you could go in depth on how your computer died ?

Yay, I love it when I get things right. lol

Thanks - and rep+ for the quick answer

Originally Posted by dr papadakalis View Post
perhaps you could go in depth on how your computer died ?

Do I have to? It's a painful memory. Suffice it to say that the glass of water balanced on the bookshelf above my computer was bumped by person(s) other than myself, and when I got home from work, my computer was sopping wet, with standing water on my poor X1600Pro, and lines all over my monitor.

Oh well, I bought a Gigabyte S-series mobo, a dual-core 7750 Atholon X2, 2 GB of ram, and a Radeon HD 4650. A big difference from my X1600Pro and Sempron 3400+.
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maybe some stuff is still under warranty? if it is u could try to RMA.
No, I built it over 3 years ago. Besides, having to clean off all the red cream soda (I guess it wasn't water, lol) would take forever.

Besides, Crysis is AWESOME!!!! with my new upgrades. I had no clue what I was missing. Warhead on max DX9 looks amazing, and framerate is flawless. I'm almost glad it happened. lol
hahah a month ago a friend of my roomates split most of a beer in his upper vent. NO ONE TOLD HIM. it was hilarious(besides the fact that he didnt know how to rebuild it and i was the one to clean that smelly p.o.s. out)
If parts are dead already run them through the dishwasher. Cleans them right up and when dry no one knows the difference.
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