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Which archiving method is most resistant to content losing/corruption?

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I was using 7zip to create archives with best speed/compression ratio, archives contained various usually small files like photos, documents, etc.

But then I found that if something goes wrong, one file inside gets corrupted and I cannot exctract all other files that comes after it.

What would the best way to archive data be, so the data inside of archive would be save or at least there would be a way to recover and not lose it forever?
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Dont make it a solid archive would be the first thing and back ups are about the only way cause I dont think 7zip supports a recovery record. And for some reason I could not figure out how winrar recovery record worked as it just doubled the archive in size when i messed with it.
I agree with terraprime -- don't archive your files for backup, for the very same reasons you postulate in your original post. Once an archive becomes corrupted, it can be difficult or impossible to repair.

Your best option would be to use a dedicated backup tool, most of which include CRC or at least checksums at regular intervals to permit at least a partial recovery in the event the backup record becomes corrupted somehow. Another option would be to simply copy important files periodically to an external drive, or a network attached storage unit somewhere else in the house. Offline backup of important things using tools like Carbonite or Dropbox are also very effective - if your house or office burns down, laptop gets stolen, or some other catastrophe strikes, offline/offsite backup can mean the difference between inconvenience and impossible recovery.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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